10 Tracks to Success Updated

10 Tracks to Success Updated

Bored of your current playlist? Need some tunes to smash a new PB? Add these tracks into your playlist and destroy your workout.


1. Mura Masa,A$AP Rocky - Love$ick

2. MIST - Karlas Back

3. G-Eazy - Calm down

4. Fat Joe - All The Way Up

5. Fetty Wap - Make you feel good

6. Kanye West - All of the lig

7. Dr Dre - Xxplosive 

8. Dave - Wanna know

9. Eric Bellinger - I don't want her

10. J Cole - GOMD




Youtube motivation

Youtube motivation

Need motivation? well hopefully this blog can help you smash the gym and chase them gains........


1. Rich Piana 

No bullsh*t approach, this guy eats,dreams,lives working out, his strong desire to get bigger and lift heavier is not for the light hearted, he normally posts daily and has some great advice on how to take your workouts up another level, 100 percent worth a watch! WHAT A BEAST!.


2.Ross Dickerson

Now either you love him or hate him, but one thing cant be denied is that he gives out some solid advice, i was unsure of this guy...



1. Kill it 5% Nutrition -

This pre workout will take you to the next level! when taking this product I did no fatigue in the gym, it was like I could go for hours and continue to lift heavy weight,the best thing about this product is that there is no come down afterwards, a must buy in my opinion get ready to go up a level when taking this.REVIEW- 8/10


2.Hemo rage

A great product but different to kill it, this will give you a crazy pump and break current PBs...



Hello and welcome to GFLEX the new gymwear and fashion brand, we will be using the blog for a variety  of reasons,our blogs will include.....

  • Latest product releases
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  • Latest fashion trends
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  • Training plans