1. Kill it 5% Nutrition -

This pre workout will take you to the next level! when taking this product I did no fatigue in the gym, it was like I could go for hours and continue to lift heavy weight,the best thing about this product is that there is no come down afterwards, a must buy in my opinion get ready to go up a level when taking this.REVIEW- 8/10


2.Hemo rage

A great product but different to kill it, this will give you a crazy pump and break current PBs in the gym but when taking this product a found it to be highly effective for the first 30 minutes then it started to wear off after that, the comedown was also a downfall as I felt very tired and unmotivated so be careful when taking. REVIEW - 6/10 

3.No explode

Now this product would be ideal for newbies at the gym, its not too strong and will stop you fatiguing as much, however if like me you have preworkout instead of milk in your cereal (notreally) and have a high caffeine tolerance then I would not recommend it as it wont have much effect on you,there was no comedown from this product but for me not enough energy.REVIEW-5/10 

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