Youtube motivation

Need motivation? well hopefully this blog can help you smash the gym and chase them gains........


1. Rich Piana 

No bullsh*t approach, this guy eats,dreams,lives working out, his strong desire to get bigger and lift heavier is not for the light hearted, he normally posts daily and has some great advice on how to take your workouts up another level, 100 percent worth a watch! WHAT A BEAST!.


2.Ross Dickerson

Now either you love him or hate him, but one thing cant be denied is that he gives out some solid advice, i was unsure of this guy at first but after copying one of his leg workouts my views changed, high intensity and high volume workouts are sure to get your blood pumping!


3. Hodgetwins

Okay, strange one this, not always giving out the best advice, but if you dont take the gym too seriously then these guys are for you, theres no denying that the hodgetwins are in great shape and know what they are doing, watching these guys is different to your average youtuber, be prepared for lots of laughs but they sure can go off topic a lot which can be frustrating!. 

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